Live Event Video


DJ Motion Pictures provides equipment and a team for live event video productions. That can be anything from one to four or more cameras for beauty pageants, business conferences, concerts, plays, web episodes, church events, graduations, sports, retirement parties, conventions, competitions, talent shows, dances and recitals.


We can put cameras on jibs (camera cranes) that will get shots above the crowds/audiences. We can live cut from all of the cameras to projected screens in front of the audience and also record to DVD for viewing after the event.


We can also broadcast your event live on the internet. Imagine how great it would be to broadcast your sporting event, conference, concert, competition or play live on the internet


Schools looking for video services for there plays, recitals, pageants, talent shows, and/or graduations can get special deals. Parents that recommend us to schools can get free material of our work.


Please contact us for more information and pricing...


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