Director of Photography


Post Production Services

DJ Motion Pictures offers director of photography (DP) services and post production services.


If you need a DP for a short film, feature, music video, TV commercial, live show productions and etc, I (Daniel Forster) can come in and do that for you. I have been DP for over 15 years now and have been a DP and/or director for everything that’s mentioned above. I have worked on production teams for MTV and Saville Productions. I have a well rounded experience for many different applications of video use. I can grasp the look the director wants to achieve and use different creative avenues to capture that million dollar shot for the film.


DJ Motion Pictures also provides post production services in video editing, color correction, audio production, music scoring, sound effects and mastering the entire project together for the silver screens. We have the capabilities for HD and 4K productions.


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